Why not wearing healthy textile?

These innovative fabrics absorb and convert energy from your body heat and light sources, creating a unique interaction with your blood. Experience the remarkable benefits of A.A.TH ®, such as breaking down unnecessary organic substances, supporting fatigue recovery, and promoting overall well-being by reducing inflammation and metabolizing lactic acid. Upgrade to a healthier choice and feel the difference today!

Why using our innovation?

Experience the pinnacle of textile innovation, specially crafted for sportswear, active recovery, and femtech support, as well as our loyal companions, dogs, and horses. Elevate your well-being and performance with this cutting-edge fabric, designed to empower and inspire a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Raw Materials

Embrace a bright and promising future with our trusted supplier, ONYONE! We set the bar high for qualitative standards, empowering our partners to manufacture with excellence and achieve outstanding results. Take the first step towards building a healthier tomorrow - secure your premium raw materials today!

White Label

Actualize your product or brand vision with our white label products for fashion and functional wear markets, or utilize our high-tech photoluminescence yarns to create custom-designed products. Contact us now to begin the journey!

Products by ONYONE

ONYONE's products are highly valued in Japan's medical industry for their daily life support. Try our rest and active wear to experience the difference yourself!

Good to know


The technology is based on photoluminescence, far infrared rays, and ions. The uniqueness of our invocation is the mixture of 16 different noble metals.

Effect on human

Using A.A.TH ®, the blood flow gets promoted and the body recovers much faster due to removal of lactic acid and antithrombotic effect.


Our technology and the effect is patented in 28 countries.

Medical application:
Confirmed in Japan, 2021

Product examples using A.A.TH®

Who we are

Welcome to CTH Group, nestled in the heart of the majestic Alps! With over 15 years of expertise in workwear and technical wear, we have established a strong partnership with our visionary supplier, ONYONE, headquartered in Japan—the very birthplace of innovation. Join us on this remarkable journey where it all began!


Our team embraces creativity, stays up-to-date with industry advancements, and continuously enhances expertise to be your top industry partner. With our in-house R&D, we’ve developed next-gen textiles, unlocking endless possibilities to revolutionize healthcare and elevate daily well-being.


With A.A.TH ® textiles, we prioritize health for all, supporting the Sustainable Development Goal for good health and well-being. Our next-gen textile maximizes resource efficiency through production on demand, avoiding waste of energy, resources, and products.


At our core, we specialize in cutting-edge, customized textile solutions that redefine the industry. Our mission is to delight partners with health-improving, next-gen impact. We go the extra mile to unleash the fullest potential of their products, envisioning a world where textiles become a standard for well-being and health in our daily lives.


Partnership means shared commitment, vision, and hard work for mutual success. We treat our partners‘ projects as our own, building lasting collaborations to bring our collective visions to life.

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