Introducing next-gen textile

A.A.TH ® textile absorbs and transforms energy from heat of human body and light such as sunlight and lighting indoor lighting, and acts on the blood.

The effect of using A.A.TH ® is to decompose the unneeded organic substance in the blood, fatigue recovery and restoration of health (normalisation) such as relief of inflammation and metabolism of lactic acid.

What we offer

Made for active recovery, body cure, performance

Raw Materials

Our supplier ONYONE provides high qualitative standards and enables our partners to manufacture in good manner and to reach optimal outcome. Get your raw material now and build a healthy future.

White Label

You have an idea for a product or brand in mind and want to bring it into the physical world? We are more than ready to make this possible and embark on a journey with you. Check out our white label products to build your own personal brand with high-tech textiles exceeding in fashion and functional wear markets. Or create your own envisioned product with our high-tech photoluminescence yarns. Get in contact with us now.

Products by ONYONE

The products by ONYONE are used in the medical industry in Japan and lots of people appreciate the technology due to their daily support in life. Give the rest and active wear a try and get your individual impression.

Good to know


The technology is based on photoluminescence, far infrared rays, and ions. The uniqueness of our invocation is the mixture of 10 different noble metals.

Effect on human

Using A.A.TH ®, the blood flow gets promoted and the body recovers much faster due to removal of lactic acid and antithrombotic effect.


Our technology and the effect is patented in 28 countries.

Medical application:
Confirmed in Japan, 2021

Product examples using A.A.TH®

Who we are

We are CTH Group based in the heart of the alps. We have been working within the industry of workwear and technical wear for over 15 years. We are strongly connected with our supplier and inventor ONYONE based in Japan. That’s the innovative hub where it all started.


Our team values creative visions and ambitiously follows modern developments in the industry, always improving their expertise and knowledge in order to pose the best partner within the industry. Our in-house R&D department has brought us to develop the next-gen textile, opening doors for endless possibilities to improve the healthcare sector and health in everyday lives.


We envision a world with A.A.TH ® textiles as one in which health for all is a non-negotiable priority. Our next-gen textile opens endless possibilities to support the Sustainable Development Goal for good health and well-being to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages. However, we also highly value every inch of resource going into our product. Therefore, we provide production on demand to avoid a waste of energy, resource, and product.


Customized cutting-edge solutions innovating the textile industry is core to our business. Our mission is to thrill our partners about their health-improving and next-gen impact. We constantly push a little further to reach the optimal outcome and unleash our partners’ products fullest potential. We wear it directly on our skins for every occasion, sleep in beds covered in blankets and sheets, sit on coated chairs. Textiles are supposed to be soft, light, warm, aesthetic, and functional. Envision a world full of fabrics that exceed the status-quo making well-being and health a standard in our second skins.


We define partnership as a union in a shared interest and activity. The partnership comes with devotion, vision, and hard work for one another’s project. We take the word “partnership” very seriously and consider our partners’ success as one of our own. We want to create long-lasting and reliable partnerships in which we can evolve together and help to realize each other’s visions and missions.

Contact us to receive approved details on technical standards, data and more.


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